Comfort Buddies Impact Kit

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Program Details

With our Impact Kits, you can lead a give back activity on your own. Each kit contains all the necessary materials in bulk for the donation and comes with detailed activity instructions.

Supporting a vulnerable child is an incredible way to make an important impact. Whether the child is enduring a hospital stay, adjusting to foster care, or coping with a traumatic event, our “Comfort Buddies” program brings hope and provides support during these challenging moments. 

Participants will assemble the stuffed animals, and share a message of hope and encouragement to put on a tiny t-shirt for the animal to wear. The end result is a memorable donation for children who can use some cheering up.

Event Timing: Our packaging and delivery timing is about two weeks. If you have an event that is earlier, please click on the contact link above to see if we can accommodate delivery.

Kits Include
  • Materials to create one hand-made stuffed animal with a customized t-shirt containing a message of encouragement
  • Ground shipping to one US location
  • Step by step instructions to make the stuffed animals and best practice tips for hosting your event
Available Add-Ons
  • Sourcing a local beneficiary for your donation: $250

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