Healing Hearts IV Bag Cover Impact Kit

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With our Impact Kits, you can lead a give back activity on your own. Each kit contains all the necessary materials in bulk for the donation and comes with detailed activity instructions.

IV therapy, providing fluids, medications, and nutrients, is an essential medical tool to care for patients in hospitals and clinics. This meaningful kit allows your team to decorate and deliver IV cover bags to lift patient’s spirits when they need  it most. All IV bags are customized with an extender that allows the bag to hang on the IV pole. The IV cover bag opening fits all size IV bags making it easy to lift and check on fluid levels. 

Children facing life’s challenges are in search of something to empower them with strength when they are sick. Consider crafting a superhero themed design, providing these young heroes with the courage to overcome obstacles.

Adults can also benefit from this caring kit, especially when they are undergoing chemotherapy.

Kits Include
  • Materials to create 1 IV cover bag, fabric markers, ruler, one hang tag
  • Ground shipping to one US location
  • Step by step instructions to decorate the IV cover bags, as well as best practice tips for hosting your event
Available Add-Ons
  • Sourcing a local beneficiary for your donation: $250

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